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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  I would love to donate something that I made but I am still just learning how, so its got some flaws. Can I donate this?


A:  Yes! We would love to have the items that you might not think are perfect. To a child a nice warm blanket is wonderful even with a few flaws. 


Q:  What size blankets, quilts, afghans, ect. are you looking for?


 A:  We are looking for all sizes from baby to young adult, boy's and girls.


Q:  I can make it to some meetings but I can't make it to all of the meetings, can I still join?


A: We would love to have you help in anyway you can. If you can make it to all of the meetings great. If  not thats ok too. Come to as many as you can. Come drop off you items, pick up supplies, sit & chat we welcome you to join us as much as you can. 


Q:  How many blankets do you donate?


A:  We have a goal of 1,000 blankets every year. So far we have met this goal with the help of some great members!


Q:   I made a donation to the the group and was told I could get a receipt for my taxes. How can I get this?


 A:  Don't worry email us your address and we can get one out to you. Our email is: [email protected]